Early Childhood Education Center

The Moriah School Early Childhood Education Center is filled with new equipment, furniture and supplies that were donated and shipped from Minnesota to Guntur. The shipment arrived on October 9th. The delivery truck was met with great excitement by many students, staff, and parents. This banner was carried by children and led the truck into the school courtyard as others cheered.
Eager staff and parents assembled and arranged the new furnishings in classrooms within a few days of the delivery. The pictures below of beautiful equipment show the readiness of some of the classrooms.
Large muscle play area
Arts – music and dramatic playroom
Rooms will be filled with hundreds of learning tools, including listening labs, video resources, audio tapes, books, blocks, puzzles, and numerous manipulatives.
The Moriah Early Education Center in now RICH with learning resources!!!
Thank you again to all donors.
When it was clear that parents were not ready to send their four and five-year old students to school this year, it was decided to leave the new teaching tools and toys in their boxes until the students are present. The life-like stove and refrigerator will be filled with miniature pots and pans, as well as play food and dishes
Imagine the surprise and joy for the young children when they see so many amazing new toys that they have never seen before.
A new method of learning will begin as children begin to learn through play.

About Moriah

The Moriah Home & School is a private school with an attached home for children who have lost at least one parent. Located in Guntur, India, the Moriah High School helps underserved children obtain a quality education. 

Our nonprofit organization facilitates and manages the needs of both the children’s home and school. Learn More About Us