Success: Hockey Sticks for the children of the Moriah Home

Andrew Dale, son of Esther raised funds for hockey sticks for the kids of the Moriah Home to play.

I sent field hockey sticks to the children of the Moriah School & Home. In Confirmation, I learned that God gives us daily bread in forms of food, shelter, water, possessions, His relationship with us, and much more. I was taught that daily bread was more than just the physical elements of communion and wanted to help deliver a form of daily bread to children in India who have little extra.  I wanted to do this because God gives me so much and i would like to help the Moriah Children experience some of God’s gifts to me.

Andrew Dale

Below are photos of the sticks in use!


About Moriah

The Moriah Home & School is a private school with an attached home for children who have lost at least one parent. Located in Guntur, India, the Moriah High School helps underserved children obtain a quality education. 

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