Current Initiatives You Can Support

Every donated dollar makes a big difference in the lives of these children. Please consider contributing to an initiative below.

Our Current Key Initiative:

The Moriah
English Language Initiative

A new initiative is being developed by a group of U.S. English language teachers and tutors who seek to support listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of the students of Moriah School.

The U.S. friends of Moriah School will provide supplemental English Language Learning opportunities to enhance and enrich English language skills of students and staff.

Interactions with native English speakers is of immense value and a means to change the entire trajectory of students’ lives…

Ongoing Initiatives:

Moriah Eye Care Fund​

It's hard to study (and do life) without clear vision. That's why we're funding eye exams, surgeries and glasses for those who need it most. You can dramatically change a child's life.

Moriah Dance Project

Our longest-running initiative, the dance program at Moriah is currently the only physical education in the curriculum. Learn what's needed for the next phase.

Moriah S.T.E.M. Project

Learning is easier with the proper tools. We're collecting various items for science, math and technology educational activities. Basic items make a big difference. Learn what we're looking for.

Active Short-Term Projects:

Dorm Upgrade:
Lights & Ceiling Fans

Each dorm only has one working light and needs an electrical upgrade. Fans keep the dorms cool in the hot months and the lights allow the children to study better into the evening.

Dorm Upgrade:
Sleeping Cots

The children in the home sleep on floor mats. There's space for two-level (bunk) cots, but it's not a priority among many other competing needs. We can speed this up.

Another Way To Support:

Make a Donation
Of Any Amount

Funds donated to the “General Discretionary Fund” help provide flexibility to cover gaps in other initiatives as well as any miscellaneous and/or unforeseen needs that arise. Also, a place to donate larger amounts.

Success Stories

Below are some past initiatives that have been funded. View All

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