Lights & Ceiling Fans
Dorm Upgrade

Funds were raised to make life a little more comfortable for the residents of the Moriah Children’s home.

Fans keep the dorms cool in the hot months. In fact, in the hottest month, the children sleep outdoors because the temperature of their rooms is unbearable. It is estimated that better insulation and fans will bring the temperature in the hot season from a range of 40ºC – 46ºC (104ºF – 115ºF) down to 32ºC – 36ºC (90ºF –97ºF).

Like many in India, these children make do and adapt to their conditions. But we have made it a little easier for them.

Thank you to all who have contributed to making these kids a little more comfortable so they can excel!

Below are photos of the previous condition of the dorm’s lighting and electrical.

And below is an example of the new, ultra-bright LED lights that have replaced the old fixtures.

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