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This whole website was inspired by one photo of a girl named Pavani being posted to Facebook. After the photographer posted it, he had over 30 friends volunteer to contribute to the eye care needs of Pavani and others.

This sparked the beginning of the Moriah Eye Care Fund. But instead of creating a single online campaign, we took a step back and determined that a better approach would be to create a dedicated site that can address multiple ways to meet the varying needs of all these children.

Now that the site has been launched, we are ready to get started! In Phase 1 of the Moriah Eye Care Program, we will complete the needs of 3 individuals to test our projected numbers vs. actual costs. We will then re-address and revise the program with new information gained from the experience.

Amblyopia (commonly referred to as “lazy eye”) like Pavani’s are quite common in India (along with similar conditions that are easily treated if caught early). Finding quality care can be a challenge, which leads to mistrust of certain procedures (and sometimes the medical profession as a whole). In fact, as we explored this further, we learned of all kinds of barriers. Some parents may not allow surgery because they are afraid of it. The government also helps some, but only after age ten (which can be too late for some conditions). Corrective measures such as “coke bottle” glasses can help if caught early, and only cost $100 USD.

The goal of the Moriah Eye Care Fund is to help stimulate a proactive approach to addressing eye care needs early. By letting people in our community know that we have funds available, we will promote better healthcare practices, which can chart a whole different trajectory of life for these children.

In order to be successful with this project, we tapped our network to find Dr. Venkateswarlu Pamba, an Ophthalmologist at the Maxi Vision Eye Hospital in Hyderabad, India.

They’re known as being one of the best in the region. Dr. Pamba was honored to hear of our program, so he took a 12-hour round-trip bus ride to come meet us to discuss all care considerations. Our findings are below.

Medical Procedure Cost Breakdown:

  • Eye Exam: 300 INR = $5 USD
  • Corrective “Coke Bottle” Glasses: 6,500 INR = $92 USD
  • Eye Surgery Alone: 25,000-30,000 INR = $385-$462 USD
  • Eye Surgery + Medication: 35,000-40,000 INR = $492-$562 USD

Addressing the Reality

On top of that, we need to consider the true burden of the family in order to ensure they will commit to the procedure. Obviously, the primary barrier for most families is the cost of care, but it can also be a challenge for one or both parents to take off work for a multiple-day procedure in a city 170 miles away. While it may make sense in our culture that some time off work and basic out-of-pocket expenses would be part of the deal, the reality for these people is that they can’t afford to (for example, Pavani’s parents wash clothes for approximately $7 per day). If we don’t help offset the financial burdens, they are much more likely to agree the whole way and then no-show at the end. Since our program’s success relies on them showing up and completing the procedures, we’ve built-in some barrier reduction grants.

Barrier Reduction – Full Burden Cost Breakdown:

  • Bus Fare: Est. 500 rupees per person for a one-way bus fare = $14 USD (per traveler, round-trip)
  • Hotel: 1500 rupees per night. Estimated 3 nights = $64 USD (total)
  • Loss of Work: ~500 rupees per day. 4 days with travel = $29 USD (per parent)
  • Food Cost: ~300 rupees per person, per day = $16.84 USD (per traveler for 4 days)

Moving Forward:

In Phase 1 of the Moriah Eye Care Program, we will complete the needs of 3 individuals to test our projected numbers vs. actual costs. We will then re-address and revise the program with new information. For these budgets, we will use the high-end estimates.

Case 1: Pavani

  • Surgery and Medication = $562
  • Full Family Burden for 2 Parents for 4 days (rounded up a little) = $225
  • Total Given: $787 USD

Case 2: Heprimaya

  • Surgery and Medication = $562
  • Full Family Burden for 2 Parents for 4 days (rounded up a little for incidentals) = $225
  • Total Given: $787 USD

Case 3: Vitson Paul

  • Eye Exam and New Glasses = $92
  • Full Burden: Two 6-month checkups and glasses adjustments = Approximately $60
  • Total Given: $152 USD

Use of Funds:

Prioritization and procedure for the funds collected for this initiative will go as follows:

  1. The final assessments for these 3 cases.
  2. Surgery, glasses or whatever corrective action may be needed for these 3 cases.
  3. Review of all anticipated costs with adjustments based on knowledge gained from these experiences.
  4. Set new budget and prioritization of funds with the following considerations:
    1. Eye exams for the residents under the care of the Moriah Children’s Home (and glasses or whatever they need).
    2. Eye exams for the rest of the students in the Moriah School (and glasses or whatever they need).
    3. Reserving funds for future students.
    4. Exams and the corrective needs of those in the community.

The contribution buttons are pre-programmed with estimated dollar amounts for each procedure, but we welcome contributions of any amount you can provide. We will post success stories in our blog on an ongoing basis.

Thank you for your consideration!

Pavani getting examined by Dr. Pamba on his visit.

Support our Eye Care Initatives

Pavani needs an eye surgery.

Heprimaya also needs an eye surgery.

Vitson Paul needs new glasses.

He’s quite a talented drummer!

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