Success: Paint the classrooms

Donations were made to paint some of the classrooms and walls at the Moriah High School.

The new paint made quite a difference in the look and feel of the classrooms. The exterior of the school also received a fresh coat with varying designs for a whole new look. Additionally, the walls around the school have instructional cartoons which give the school a fun look and feel.

We thank our donors for making the learning environment more fun and comfortable for our children! In fact, after this project, we learned that one of the chief contributing factors to our enrollment increase is how much nicer the school looks.

We’ve also learned about organizations such as PubliColor that address the power of color in environments for youth. You can learn more about in on their website: and around the 9:45 mark in this TED Talk.

Check out some before and after images below!

Classroom Example:

Kindergarten Classroom:

Office and Teacher’s Lounge:

Computer Room:

Examples Before New Paint:

About Moriah

The Moriah Home & School is a private school with an attached home for children who have lost at least one parent. Located in Guntur, India, the Moriah High School helps underserved children obtain a quality education. 

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