The Moriah
English Learning Initiative

The vision of Moriah School is for all students and staff to be proficient in reading, speaking and writing using only English, and all courses will be taught in English.

A new initiative is being developed by a group of U.S. English language teachers and tutors who seek to support listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of the students of Moriah School.

The U.S. friends of Moriah School will provide supplemental English Language Learning opportunities to enhance and enrich English language skills of students and staff.

Special technology will be used to enable:

  1. U.S. educators and Moriah School students and staff to create and share instructional and conversational English videos online;
  2. Interactive communication between students and staff in India with teachers/tutors in the United States.


These strategies will greatly assist Moriah’s teaching of English where resources are currently very limited.

Interactions with native English speakers is of immense value and a means to change the entire trajectory of students’ lives

Technology Resources Initiative

1. Technology Lab Expansion Goals:

  • Increase WIFI capacity for the school;
  • Procure large screen TV and video player for interactive video conferencing and for children to watch learning videos;
  • Procure additional computers in the lab for online access to more students;
  • Procure iPads for use by students and staff in the classrooms;
  • Set up interactive communication tools on computers, i.e. Zoom, Skype, Google.


2. English Language Learning Resources

  • Equip lower elementary classrooms with DVD’s to listen to narrated books or music;
  • Provide teaching/curriculum materials, i.e. ABC charts, word/picture charts, alphabet letters, word games, alphabet games;
  • Provide lists of online resources for teachers to use;
  • Provide learning applications for iPads;
  • Provide Kindles with English books;
  • Donate English books–especially award-winning literature.


3. Volunteers Needed:

  • Coordinator to recruit and communicate with U.S. volunteers;
  • English teacher/tutor volunteers to create teaching videos using best practices for teaching English;
  • Technology volunteers to assist with videotaping and publishing videos online to make teaching videos accessible to Moriah School;
  • Coordinator of Video Pen Pals;
  • Communications professional to assist with updating the website with current news and progress;
  • Coordinator of resources needed;
  • U.S. tutors to participate in live Conversation Room to practice speaking and listening skills.
Circle of Support

The outer ring represents specific initiatives that U.S. English mentors intend to complete to enhance and enrich English language learning opportunities to students and staff.

New technology will be implemented to enable:

  1. U.S. educators and Moriah School students and staff to create and share instructional and conversational English videos online;
  2. Interactive communication between students and staff in India with teachers/tutors in the United States.
Fundraising & Volunteering

The use of the funds raised for this phase will help cover the expenses of the resources and their transportation to India. 

If you’d like to contribute to the Moriah English Language Initiative, please contact:

We also invite you to visit and request access to join our Moriah English Learning Initiative Facebook Group

If you’re not in a position to donate now, would you consider sharing this?

Early Childhood Education Center

The Moriah School Early Childhood Education Center is filled with new equipment, furniture and supplies that were donated and shipped from Minnesota to Guntur. The shipment arrived on October 9th. The delivery truck was met with great excitement by many students, staff, and parents. This banner was carried by children and led the truck into the school courtyard as others cheered.
Eager staff and parents assembled and arranged the new furnishings in classrooms within a few days of the delivery. The pictures below of beautiful equipment show the readiness of some of the classrooms.
Large muscle play area
Arts – music and dramatic playroom
Rooms have been filled with hundreds of learning tools, including listening labs, video resources, audio tapes, books, blocks, puzzles, and numerous manipulatives.
The Moriah Early Education Center in now RICH with learning resources!!!
Thank you again to all donors.
When it was clear that parents were not ready to send their four and five-year old students to school this year, it was decided to leave the new teaching tools and toys in their boxes until the students are present. The life-like stove and refrigerator will be filled with miniature pots and pans, as well as play food and dishes
Imagine the surprise and joy for the young children when they see so many amazing new toys that they have never seen before.
A new method of learning will begin as children begin to learn through play.

Additional volunteers are needed to support the teachers in the Early Childhood Education and English programs. Also, volunteers with experience in graphic design, communications, and technology are needed. To volunteer contact  at