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Welcome to MORIAH

Moriah Home & School” refers to a private school with an attached home for disadvantaged children.

Located in Guntur, India, the home and school began in 1999 under the Bible Faith Lutheran Church of India. BFLC India currently funds, oversees and provides for the needs of the “Moriah Children.” 

The Moriah High School provides educational services to over 250+ economically disadvantaged children from Pre-Kindergarten through high school in the local community of Guntur. Many of these children are the first in their family to receive an opportunity for education.

The Moriah Home provides full-time care for 20+ children from less fortunate families who have lost one or both parentsThrough the home, each child attends the school instead of having to work to support the family.

Many schools in India are what they call “commercial houses,” which are criticized for being more focused on profit than providing proper education. They are not education facilities, which creates a further divide for the poorer families that can’t afford a quality education. In poorer communities, it can be very difficult to get a good value for education. That’s why Moriah was founded. 

We invite you to learn more about usmeet the children, view initiatives, and all the ways you can help.

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100% of your donations received go directly to India to support the children’s needs.

To ensure the maximum benefit is received by the children, none of the nonprofit organization’s U.S. administration, travel, and miscellaneous expenses are funded by donor contributions. All Trustees, Directors, visitors and close supporters fund their own expenses with no salaries or compensation paid to anyone in the U.S. Rest assured that whatever level of contribution you can make will be put to good use.

A volunteer created this website to maximize the margin and explain and connect our projects in ways that GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and similar fundraising websites cannot.

A little bit goes a long way. We know how to stretch a dollar in India. Learn more about our leadership, organization and guiding principles.

OUR CURRENT Key Initiative:

Early Childhood Education Center at Moriah School

To be successful in India’s global economy, students need a foundation of higher-level thinking skills taught and supported in a developmentally appropriate program.

Most Moriah School students come from disadvantaged homes and communities and they do not have access to expensive private schools. Moriah is a school that embraces diversity, welcoming students from all backgrounds.  

ANOTHER Key Initiative:

The Moriah
English Language Initiative

The vision of Moriah School is for all students and staff to be proficient in reading, speaking and writing using only English, and all courses will be taught in English.

A new initiative is being developed by a group of U.S. English language teachers and tutors who seek to support listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of the students of Moriah School.

The U.S. friends of Moriah School will provide supplemental English Language Learning opportunities to enhance and enrich English language skills of students and staff.

Special technology will be used to enable:

  1. U.S. educators and Moriah School students and staff to create and share instructional and conversational English videos online;
  2. Interactive communication between students and staff in India with teachers/tutors in the United States.


These strategies will greatly assist Moriah’s teaching of English where resources are currently very limited.

Interactions with native English speakers is of immense value and a means to change the entire trajectory of students’ lives

Ongoing Initiatives

Moriah Dance Project

Our longest-running initiative, the dance program at Moriah is currently the only physical education in the curriculum. Learn what's needed for the next phase.

Moriah S.T.E.M. Project

Learning is easier with the proper tools. We're collecting various items for science, math and technology educational activities. Basic items make a big difference. Learn what we're looking for.

Other Projects

There are many competing priorities around both the school and home, so we’re identifying only a few initiatives at a time. Each will make a big impact in the education and living conditions of these children.

Recent News & Events

Alumni News

Meet Teja – Alumni of Moriah School and Children’s Home Graduate from University of Sunderland  Master of Business Administration – July 2022 PRAISE THE LORD

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