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Meet Teja – Alumni of Moriah School and Children’s Home Graduate from University of Sunderland 

Master of Business Administration – July 2022


I am RANGANA PRABHU TEJA.  I was born in GUNTUR in the year of 1995. My parents are RANGANA ANJANEYULU and RANGANA AHALYA.  He is a lorry driver, and she is a tailor.  I have one sibling; he is my elder brother. I am from a middle class family background. Unfortunately, my family could not afford my school fees. At that time my grandmother got to know about the free education for the students which are sponsored from the MORIAH PUBLIC SCHOOL.  Then I got admission to 7th standard. I used to get everything free for my studies (like books uniform, best accommodation, quality food) till my 10th standard. 


As I got admission in my 7th standard I used to stay alone in the hostel (Moriah Children’s Home) along with my friends but I am really blessed I got such a type of good environment and it was so good to learn many things with their support I completed my 10th standard with my 80%.  


Once I completed my 10th standard then I continued my studies and as well I worked in a small restaurant.  From that money I used to live and completed intermediate with 80%.  Then I got a job in   RELIANCE as a sales representative and simultaneously I started my undergraduate in the year 2012 as I worked until my studies were completed. In that job process I got a promotion as a TEAM LEADER in RELIANCE, and I did very well in my position and achieved many targets. I also got many awards and rewards like best team leader, best college, etc. 


I continued my job at Reliance until 2018, then I got another opportunity to work at SAMSUNG as TEAM LEADER. In that time my elder brother passed away due to some health problem and after one year my father also expired.  During that time, no one was there with me. I used to take care of my mother and her health at that time. My friends helped me in many things, and they gave some support to me. 


Then one day I got an opportunity to go abroad (UK) for my future. Then I decided to go abroad for my studies and I applied for MASTERS and got admission in 2020 to UNIVERSITY OF SUNDERLAND. I started my career abroad with part time work as well as my studies. 


I thank Moriah Public School from the bottom of my heart because it taught me a lot and I am also looking forward to being a member in this community so I can be able to do such things like helping the children in their education, etc. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity . Thanks a lot each and every member and teachers  in the Moriah Public School. PRAISE THE LORD.

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